Digital Signage

digital signage

Your promotion on a campus display will complement your campaign with a high visual impact.

You can share announcements, events and opportunities intended for all undergraduate students on the digital screens displayed throughout campus. Large 3×1 digital displays and several single display monitors are strategically located throughout campus, in busy corridors, adjacent to the sky-bridges, near elevator banks, and in some offices.

Since digital signage is displayed in a 12- or 30-second rotation, it is not the best option for reaching smaller student segments. However, digital signage is a great way to complement campaigns that are intended for wider student audiences, as a way to passively remind students of a promotion they might have already seen in their Hunter email inbox or on a poster.

Best Practices

Because digital signage only appears on-screen for a short time, we recommend that your copy be brief and engaging, and include a clear call to action. For example: a reminder to visit your event page for details, with a short URL that can be easily memorized as a student walks by. We also recommend using high-resolution imagery, because any flaws in image quality will be obvious when seen at such a large size.

Interested in leveraging digital signage for your next campaign?

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