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targeted email

Our student email templates use responsive design elements intended to work across most platforms and devices, regardless of screen size.

Targeted Email

A targeted email is a message that we send to a specific segment of our student population. For example: email intended for prospective students is sent to their personal or primary email address, whereas email intended for current students is sent to their Hunter email address (e.g.,

We use Campus Management’s Connect and Retain CRM to communicate with our various student populations, which allows us to target specific students based on bio-demographic or academic data (such as GPA, or class); or data related to prior engagement (such as attending a campus event).

These tools also give us the ability to track your targeted email results, and provide open rates, click-through rates, and opt-outs. Generally, we do not send email communications to all students. The Hunter-Gatherer eNewsletter is the best channel for that purpose.

Contrary to popular belief, many Hunter College students actually do open their email at their college-assigned email address, especially when the proper steps have been taken to build an effective message.

Some factors to consider when planning a targeted email message:

  • Who is the audience? It must be specific.
  • Subject line is clear and enticing, but never spammy.
  • Content is relevant to specified audience.
  • Content is concise (think mobile-first) and to the point.
  • Includes a clear call-to-action—that thing you would like your audience to do.
  • Message includes From name and Reply-to address from a trusted source.
  • Timing and frequency are purposeful.
  • Email is designed to adapt to both mobile and desktop email applications.

If this sounds like a lot to consider–it is! But don’t worry, we do this kind of thing all the time and we’re here to help you build the most effective email communication possible.

To get started with a targeted email communication, submit your Communication Project Request.


Whether it’s through a weekly or monthly email, you can engage your students by sharing unique insights with them on a regular basis.


A newsletter is a longer email message that is intended to engage your audience with a variety of information that is relevant or beneficial to them. They are a great way to share a lot of content at once. Some of our favorite newsletters share unique insights, job opportunities, events, and freebies centered around a key topic, product or area of interest.

Think about the information that pertains to your customers’ interests, desires, and needs. That could be colorful, opinionated commentary on your industry, original content, sharing resources like software and books or simply things you think are cool. – Forbes

Newsletters are should be sent periodically: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. They are most effective when sent on a regular schedule, so your audience knows when they can expect to read your content.

The format of a newsletter can vary, depending on your target audience and the content you wish to regularly include. For example, your newsletter can feature a large content area designed to promote an event that is sponsored by your office, above smaller content areas designed to promote related events or news. For each content area in a newsletter, we offer a space for a graphic, title, short description, and call-to-action.

Interested in creating a newsletter?

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