Hunter Gatherer Submission Guidelines

Your submission to the Hunter Gatherer:

  • must be an announcement, event, deadline, or opportunity that is open to all Hunter students
  • must be submitted at least one week before your desired publication date, preferably at least 10 days before your event date or deadline.
  • can only be submitted once per semester for each announcement

The Hunter Gatherer will include a headline, brief description, and your link to more detailed information. Therefore, your submission:

  • must be under 50 words
  • must include a link to more detailed information
    You can post the details on your Hunter office web site, submit your announcement to the Hunter College Events calendar, or provide a link to another official College webpage.

The following items will not be published:

  • Links to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites
  • Promotion of specific courses offered by an academic department
  • Job postings or research-study recruitment
  • Promotion of a student club, or student club event, unless sponsored by the Office of Student Activities or other College department
  • Information about events and opportunities that are limited to a small segment of students
  • Postings that promote activities, goods and services offered by an individual or outside agency, or corporate sponsorship

All content is due on Monday at noon, one week before the publication date.