Print Media

print media

Posters are often a better option than digital signage because they are static and will be seen by students with each pass.

We offer several options for designing and producing your next printed project:

Single-Sheet Communications

Flyers (8.5 x 11″)

Most campaigns can benefit from a letter-sized flyer that incorporates copy, images, and the Hunter brand to promote your student event or opportunity. We are happy to help you design a flyer from the ground up.

We offer color and black-and-white flyers as a PDF file. You can then print copies on your office laser printer or order better-quality prints from Duplication Services. We can also provide a high-resolution PDF suitable for commercial printing.

Post Card-Sized Handouts (8.5 x 5.5″ or 5.5 x 4.25″)

Post cards are a great way to get your information into the hands of students in a hurry. If you need to promote an event at the last minute, you can hand out cards to students as they pass through the hallways, sky bridges, and at the top of the escalators.

Post cards can be printed on card stock at Duplication Services. We can also provide a high-resolution PDF suitable for commercial printing.


Similar to digital signage, posters displayed on campus can announce events and opportunities to students. If your printed poster is displayed in a high-traffic area on campus, you will reach a large student audience. And since a poster is static, unlike our digital signage that rotates every 30 seconds, students are more likely to see your content when they travel through campus.

We offer a few different poster options:

Small (11 x 17″)

  • We can provide a PDF file for printing at Duplication Services
  • Good size for long-term signs such as “Hours” or “Services,” or posters on bulletin boards
  • Can be mounted on foam board
  • Easy to attach to doors, windows and walls (with appropriate adhesive)

Medium (17 x 22″ or 18 x 24″)

  • Easy to attach to doors, windows and walls (with appropriate adhesive)
  • Can be mounted on foam board to provide rigidity. Mounted posters are easy to display on easels (provided by client—ask us for recommendations.)
  • 17 x 22″ posters can be enclosed in a vinyl sleeve to provide protection, especially when hanging long-term signs, such as  “Hours” or “Services.” The vinyl sleeves can be suspended from two suction-cup hooks on a glass surface, such as your office window or door (hooks provided by client.)

Large (22 x 28″ or 24 x 36″)

We reserve large posters for promoting campus-wide events that are open to a substantial segment of the student population.

  • Useful as lobby navigation and entrance signage
  • Can be displayed in metal poster stands (provided by our office)
  • Can be displayed in the larger glass display cases around campus and in the cafeteria

Best Practices for Posters

  • Before requesting prints, figure out where and how you will display them. Plan to use a bulletin board, display case, easel, or poster stand.
  • Plan to display posters 2 weeks to 10 days before the date of your event or start of your program. Request your posters well in advance of the display date.
  • Don’t tape posters directly to a painted wall, or the tape will damage the paint and Facilities will remove them. Instead, attach them to the wall with removable “Command poster strips.” Five strips will even support posters mounted on foam board.


Paper Banners (24 x 36″, 24 x 48″, 24 x 56″)

These are a good way to reach students at events that have a lot of participants, or cover a large area, such as the lobby or cafeteria. They are larger than posters and can be seen from far away.

Fabric Banners

Vinyl and cloth banners are a long term-solution to displaying your message at repeated events, especially outdoors or on stage. They are very durable, can be cleaned, and can be hung from the ceiling supports in the lobby. We do not have facilities on campus to print on fabric or vinyl, but can recommend some third-party vendors as a starting point.

Brochures and Booklets

We can help you design a brochure or booklet. Simple monochrome designs with two- or three-fold layouts can be printed in-house at Duplication Services. Complex brochures or booklets that incorporate color or gloss finishes, high-resolution images, heavy covers, or unique folds can be printed through a commercial printer or vendor.  We’ll work with you to create a compelling Hunter-branded design, produce the layout, and provide you with a high-resolution PDF ready to send off to the printer.

Special Projects

Looking to print something a bit more unique or fun, such as branded merchandise—a T-shirt, water bottle, swag bag, or stationery? Let us know–we’re always happy to design something new!

To start your next print project, submit a request here.