Web Editing

web editing

Built on the WordPress platform, the new One Stop is the first step in making Hunter’s website beautiful!

Beginning summer 2018, Hunter College began a transition away from Plone web content management system (CMS) to WordPress CMS. WordPress CMS will provide a robust web platform that includes mobile-responsiveness, faster page-load times, flexible design templates, and a back-end that simplifies the process of updating and maintaining content.

Additionally, Hunter College is committed to bringing the Hunter website up-to-date in terms of Accessibility compliance to ensure that students and individuals with disabilities are provided the same opportunities to learn and succeed online that they are currently afforded offline. The WordPress platform covers many of our current web Accessibility issues, but some work will be required to ensure that our web content is compliant moving forward.

Within the new WordPress environment, we provide web editing support to all Division of Student Affairs clients, which includes general oversight of all Student Affairs-related subsites. In addition, we offer assistance with:

  • website architecture
  • tone and voice
  • user experience
  • accessibility compliance

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