Construct an academic plan

Creating an academic plan is the first step toward your one-of-a-kind college experience. Your plan will ensure you’re in control of your time here at Hunter—choosing the classes you need, exploring subjects you love and graduating on time. For planning your time each semester, see our time management tips.

Consider Your Major

Your major should align with your current interests, your goals for the future, and the types of jobs you may want to pursue upon graduation. You’ll need 120 credits (or 30 credits per year) to graduate with a degree in your major in four years. View the list of majors Hunter offers and think about the one you want to follow now, and how this fits into your vision of the future.

Speak to an Advisor

Academic advising services provide guidance for your college career. Use Degree Works to keep on top of your requirements for graduation, then discuss your questions with your advisor. Remember, being informed and prepared before meeting with your advisor will help you get the most out of your time together. Reach out and schedule an appointment now.

Use Degree Maps

Degree Maps, located in the Hunter Catalog, provides useful information about your major, helping you plot out what you’ll need to take to meet graduation requirements within your major.

Meet Graduation Requirements

The most efficient path to graduation? Take 15 credits per semester. This will keep you on track to earn your degree when you expect to.

Think ahead! The classes you need may fill up or not be available. Be sure to have alternative courses or schedules in mind and sign up for Waitlists to be notified when a class seat opens up. If you absolutely can’t take a full course load during a semester, explore Hunter’s winter and summer courses. Though class selection is limited and varies by season, you may be able to make up missing credits.

What do I need to graduate?

  • 120 credits
  • GPA of 2.0 (C average) or better
  • Completion of Hunter Core Requirement (HCR) or General Education Requirement (GER)
  • Completion of a major