Grading Scale


Letter GradeGPA ValueGrade Scale %CR/NCGrade Scale
A+4.097.5 – 100%CR70.0 – 100
A4.092.5 – 97.4%
A-3.790.0 – 92.4%
B+3.387.5 – 89.9%
B3.082.5 – 87.4%
B-2.780.0 – 82.4%
C+2.377.5 – 79.9%
C2.070.0 – 77.4%
D1.060.0 – 69.9%
F00.0 – 59.9%NC0.0 – 59.0


Letter GradeGPA ValueGrade Scale %Honors/Credit/No Credit
A+4.097.5 – 100%H = Honors
A4.092.5 – 97.4%CR = Credit
A-3.790.0 – 92.4%NC = No Credit
B+3.387.5 – 89.9%
B3.082.5 – 87.4%
B-2.780.0 – 82.4%
C+2.377.5 – 79.9%
C2.070.0 – 77.4%
F00.0 – 59.9%

Y – Year or longer course of study (for clinical/practicum courses in Health Science programs or Independent/Honor courses). “Y” grades are changed via Grade Change Forms, after year long course is completed.

INC – Incomplete Student for valid reason does not complete the work assigned (including final exams, papers etc.) and in the professor’s view has a reasonable chance to pass the course.

FIN – Failed due to an incomplete not completed.

W – Official Withdrawal If a student in your course officially withdrew, a grade of “W” will appear in the grade column.

WA – Administrative Withdrawal Student did not comply with immunization requirements. The student must comply with immunization requirements or the “WA” grade will be permanent. No grade changes will be allowed.

WU – Unofficial Withdrawal If a student stopped attending a course and a pre-marked “W” does not appear in the grade column, a “WU” grade is assigned. This grade should not be given in place of an F.

WD – Withdraw Drop When a student drops during the second or third week of the semester, it does not appear on their transcript.

PEN – Pending This grade is used if a student is being investigated for Academic Dishonesty and will be posted to the student’s record in CUNYFirst.

CR/NC Credit/No Credit These grades should only be used in accordance with the Credit/No Credit Grade Policy and must be requested by student.

WN – This grade should be assigned if the student NEVER attended a course.