Placement Tests

Hunter uses placement tests to check your academic skill level and place you in the appropriate classes. Complete placement tests before registering for classes in:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Foreign Language

Incoming freshmen

You will receive an invitation to take The Math Placement Test upon committing to the College via your MyChoice Commitment Survey. Additionally, if your deposit (or waiver) has been received and processed, you may click the “Schedule Test” link on your MyChoice page.

Incoming transfer students

Once you receive your MyHunter credentials, log in to MyHunter to schedule The Math Placement Test. On your MyHunter page, click on the MyScores button located in the upper right hand corner, complete The Math Placement Test questionnaire, “Find out if you need to take the Math Placement Test” which is located under the Math Placement Test section of your MyHunter page, and then refresh the page. Click on the MyScores button again and then click on the “Find out if you need to take the Math Placement Test” questionnaire to access the survey results. Scroll down to the bottom of the completed survey to schedule your exam.

Currently enrolled students and non-degree students:

Visit the Hunter College Testing Center’s online calendar for available dates and times to register for The Math Placement Test.

Math Placement

  1. Visit the Testing Center’s online calendar for dates and times.
  2. Study sample questions.
  3. Read frequently asked questions and answers.
  4. Understand the information regarding placement into mathematics courses.
  5. Need help preparing for the test? Visit the Mary P. Dolciani Math Learning Center.

The math placement test is required before registering for math, science, and certain liberal arts courses at Hunter College.

Language Placement

To take any placement test in the Romance Languages department, sign up online at the Romance Language Department’s website. The exams are scheduled eight times a year on dates announced each semester in the Chanin Center website and on Department bulletin boards. Although not timed, each exam takes approximately one hour and consists of numerous short answer questions on a computer and also a writing sample (please bring paper and pen).

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have registered for the exam. If you cannot attend, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the date of your exam.

Complete the test if you:

  • Need a language requirement
  • Need to complete Hunter Core or Hunter Focus
  • Took the language in high school
  • It has been awhile since you took a language course
  • Know the language through family, social, or work connections

Results are posted two days later and can be found by signing in using your Hunter NetID account.