Hunter Core Requirement

We created the Hunter Core Requirement (HCR) to enhance your intellectual development and propel you toward your success goals as a liberal arts college graduate. HCR is divided into the following four categories. You will need to complete all four to graduate, regardless of your major.

Writing Intensive

Strong writing skills are an integral factor of your liberal arts education, and will impact your career in the future. With this in mind, Writing Intensive courses are part of the Hunter Core Requirement. Meet this requirement and some of your CUNY Common Core requirements simultaneously; look for classes listed in the Catalog with a (W) to make sure the class you’re taking meets the Writing Intensive requirement.

The source of these classes can also be part of your major.

Writing Intensive (3 courses)

Transfer Students

How many “W” courses do you need?
  • If you’re transferring less than 31 credits, you need 3 W classes.
  • If you’re transferring 31-59 credits, you need 2 W classes.
  • If you’re transferring 60 or more credits, you need 1 W class.