Choose a Major

Choosing a major is an exciting step. For some students, it’s as simple as following a lifelong passion. Others may be less sure about what they want to do. If you are undecided about your major, you’re not alone. Maybe you have no idea what you want to do, or maybe you want to do everything. Perhaps you had a plan, but are now not so sure. We are here to help!

Your advisor can help you think through your choices. The major you choose should align with your interests, skills, values, and abilities. Selecting one major doesn’t mean that you’ve ruled out everything else. Many professions don’t require one particular degree.

Some things to consider as you make your list of potential majors:

  • Follow your interests. What academic subjects engage you?
  • Separate your own goals from other people’s goals for you.
  • Think about your future plans. Where can you picture yourself? What specific knowledge, skills or experiences will help get you there?

If you already have a career goal, you can explore which major will best prepare you for that field. Professions that are more technical (such as nursing or accounting) may require you to declare your major at around 45 credits if you want to stay on track for graduation. For other majors, you should declare by about 60 credits.

Start thinking about potential paths now! Take our Focus2 assessment to explore majors that might work for you.

Career Exploration

Actively exploring careers is key regardless of whether you have a firm goal in mind or you feel completely lost. The process of exploration will help you clarify your interests and strengths, open your mind to exciting possibilities, choose and refine goals, and chart a path for success.