From exploring career options and learning about post-graduate paths, to considering study abroad, internships, and research positions, Hunter offers ample opportunities to help you broaden your life experience now, and after you graduate.

Visit Career Development Services

Career Development Services (CDS) helps to pinpoint your style and identify your interests. Use CDS to explore numerous fields, then apply what you learn to your academic plan. CDS also organizes career fairs—an ideal place to network with potential employers and receive guidance for the resume writing and interviewing processes.

Jobs during college can develop professional skills and let you test different environments as well as provide income.

Consider Undergraduate Experiences

Broaden your knowledge while you finish your degree at Hunter.

Explore Post-Graduate Paths

Post-graduate studies offer opportunities for you to build upon your undergraduate education, to gain further expertise in your field, and to achieve an advanced degree. Hunter’s graduate departments provide speakers, events, access to internships and jobs and specialized advising to introduce you to specific fields.