Register and Pay

Each semester, you must register for classes online through CUNYFirst to enroll and stay on track to graduate. Please be sure to pay any amount you may owe and your tuition on time so you will be able to register and keep your classes. This section will help you understand the registration process, the full scope of expenses at Hunter College and where to find help to pay them so you can manage your course load, time and finances.

The current Academic Calendar gives you key dates for classes and other important dates.

Registering for classes

Hunter’s online registration system makes signing up for classes convenient. Remember, you’ll want to have alternative classes ready in case you can’t get in to your first choice or time.

  • Resolve any stop or hold on your account early so you can register on time.
  • Check DegreeWorks degree audit and meet with your academic advisor to make sure you’re registering for the courses required to complete your degree.
  • Review the schedule of classes to decide which classes to take.
  • Log on to CUNYFirst to begin class enrollment. Register as soon as your appointment time arrives to lock in your seat.
  • Take 15 credits a semester (or 30 credits a year) to be on track for graduation and to save money. Hunter offers some course selections during the winter and summer, so you may be able to add credits during these months.
  • Apply to overtly or waitlist if classes are full. You are probably juggling a lot of moving pieces as you set your schedule. Apply to overtally or waitlist during the registration period. Add or drop classes before the 7th day of the term.

Paying for college

Navigating the financial aspect of college means having a clear picture of all your expenses. Tuition and fees, books and living expenses are all part of life at Hunter, but calculating living expenses–transportation, housing and food–is also part of college life.

Help with budgeting

Understanding your costs helps you prepare a budget so you can plan how to pay for college and limit surprises.

Resources for financial support

Hunter has numerous sources for financial support. Be sure to explore the different options available to you and their requirements:

Important dates for financial assistance

Obtaining financial aid for Hunter College means you’ll need to fill out the required paperwork in full and on time.

For additional help with finances

  • Explore jobs, especially those on or near campus. Working can help fill in the financial gaps as you receive your education.
  • If you have an emergency financial issue, contact the financial aid office. Sudden cash problems don’t need to derail your education.