Drop/Withdraw from a Class

Contact your advisor if you wish to drop a class. You can drop classes on CUNYfirst. Drop anytime before the third week of the semester ends. Dropping a class may negatively impact your financial aid, and your eligibility for future classes you can take if classes occur in a sequence. You can drop classes on CUNYfirst.

Drop anytime before the third week of the semester ends.

How to Drop a Class

  1. Log into CUNYfirst
  2. Select HR/Campus Solutions
  3. Click Self Service
  4. Click on Enrollment, then Drop Classes
  5. Select the semester you want to drop the class in
  6. Click Continue
  7. Select the class you would like to drop
  8. Click Drop Selected Class
  9. Click Finish Dropping

Dropping After Deadlines

Dropping a class after the deadline is a course withdrawal. You could face serious consequences depending on when you withdraw, especially after the tenth week of classes.

Recommended Withdrawal

If a withdrawal after the drop period was recommended, submit your instructor’s confirmation of the last date of class you attended.

Official Withdrawal (W)

You can receive an official withdrawal from a course between the third week of classes and the first day of the tenth week of classes. You can officially withdraw from a course on CUNYfirst. You could face serious consequences if withdrawing after the tenth week of classes. Meet with an advisor and bring supporting documentation only when it is clear that you had compelling reasons such as a medical or personal emergency. A formal verification of your last date of class attendance from your instructor(s) must also be submitted.

Administrative Withdrawal (WA)

If you have not met all of the immunization requirements, the WA grade will be applied to all of your courses. Visit Health Services for a complete list of immunization forms

Withdraw Drop (WD)

This will be applied if you drop a course during the second, or third, week of classes. Neither the course, nor a grade, will appear on your transcript.

Never Attended (WN)

The Registrar will apply this grade if you never attended a course. However, the course and grade will not appear on your transcript.

Unofficial Withdrawal (WU)

If you have stopped attending a class but have not officially withdrawn, you will be considered unofficially withdrawn. Unofficial withdrawal occurs if you have not attended the course for at least four consecutive weeks and did not take the final exam.

A grade of WU is the equivalent of an F.

Visit Course Withdrawal Guidelines for further information regarding how to withdraw from a course.