Registration Appeal Request

The Registration Appeal Request should be used if you wish to add or drop courses from your registration after the standard registration and/or tuition & fees payment period. Your request will be reviewed and a decision will be made by the Registration Appeals Committee within ten (10) business days. Requests seeking to add a course require an instructor’s signature for each course addition. In some circumstances, approval may also be required by the academic department; however, this will be sought on your behalf by the Registration Appeals Committee, where applicable.

  • The Registration Appeals Committee is the only college-wide body authorized to review appeals regarding registration and will provide a final decision.
  • Registration Appeal Requests are granted in extreme cases and when there are documented and compelling reasons to grant an exception to the College’s or CUNY’s policies and/or procedures.
  • Sitting in a class, negligence, employment issues, financial constraints, software and hardware problems, unsatisfactory academic progress, lack of preparation and vacation plans, for example, are not normally sufficiently compelling reasons to grant approval.
  • For courses you wish to add, you are required to submit the “Course Request & Faculty Support Form” and include any additional relevant documentation to support your appeal.
  • The Registration Appeals Committee will make every effort to notify you of their decision within ten (10) business days. You will receive the Committee’s decision via your @myHunter email address.
  • The decision made by the Registration Appeals Committee is final and cannot be further appealed.
  • If you have not received a decision after ten days, you may contact the Registration Appeals Committee at:

How to Submit Your Registration Appeal Request

  1. Download and complete the Registration Appeal Request form →
  2. Send your completed form to the instructor for approval. You will need an instructor’s signature and date for each course you wish to add. Incomplete requests will not be considered.
  3. Upload your completed form including instructor signatures (where applicable) and any supporting documentation via the Registration Appeal Request Uploader at