Club Fundraising

All fundraising events and tabling must be approved by the Office of Student Activities (OSA).

Fundraisers for Student Organizations

Student groups must be chartered, receive budget approval and have an account number in order to raise funds. Please visit or contact the College Association office (121 North; 212-772-4510) to confirm budget approval and account number. You must also follow proper procedure in order to spend or disperse funds generated as a result of events or tabling.

  1. Only a student organization president or treasurer may submit a request to raise funds. Inform the OSA of your intent to raise funds and indicate if the funds will be used for your club or a non-profit organization (non-profit fundraising requires additional paperwork; please read below). If your group will be fundraising during a tabling session, you must submit a Tabling Request form. You will receive an email approving or denying your request. If your organization will be fundraising during an event, you must receive event approval by OSA.
  2. When you have received confirmation of tabling or event approval, the president or treasurer of your club must complete a Financial Reconciliation Form in the OSA (C001 North) before your tabling or event. No exceptions.
  3. After fundraising, deposit money into the Bursar’s Office (238 North) into your club account. You may not reimburse, disperse or deposit funds into an outside account. Clubs are not permitted to have an outside bank account.
  4.  Take the receipt from the Bursar’s Office along with the Financial Reconciliation Form to the College Association (CA) Office (Room 121 North). (The CA Office will assist you with the reconciliation if necessary.)
  5. Complete an Income Earned form and submit it to the CA office for approval. Please check the CA website for deadlines and meeting dates.
  6. Please contact Mr Tyrell Lewis in the OSA at 212-772-4908 if you have questions regarding fundraising procedures. If funds are not properly reconciled your club may be subject to sanctions and will not be able to spend or disburse funds.

Fundraisers for Non-Hunter Organizations

Please note the policy and procedure regarding student fundraisers, consistent with Article XVI of CUNY Bylaws.

Student activity fees can only be used for activities that directly benefit those students enrolled at Hunter College. Consequently, money collected from the student activity fee cannot ordinarily be allocated or otherwise diverted to support or assist any outside organization, charity, etc.

However, chartered student groups who want to raise funds on behalf of a legal non-profit tax-exempt organization can do so in by the procedure outlined below.  All expenses associated with an event must be paid from the proceeds of that event and not from the organization’s allocation. The only exception to this would be if the fundraiser is financially unsuccessful and the expenses are greater than the proceeds. Then the student organization would be responsible to pay all outstanding bills associated with the event.

Steps to take

1. You must submit a written agreement between the Hunter College sponsoring student organization and the outside organization to Teneia Wooten before you fundraise. This agreement must:
a) be written on the official letterhead of the outside organization. Affixed to this letter should be proof of the organizations non-profit, tax-exempt status.
b) be signed by the president and treasurer of the Hunter College sponsoring group.
c) be signed by an official representative of the organization which will be receiving the funds. This individual’s title must be indicated.
d) indicate the amount or percent of profit that the sponsoring group expects to turn over to the outside organization. Indicate if all of the profit is expected to be turned over.
e) indicate if the outside organization is expected to pay any costs such as advertising, security, etc. towards the fundraising activity.
f) indicate that the agreement is subject to the approval of the Hunter College Association.
g) the purpose of the outside organization must be indicated on their letterhead or in an accompanying letter.

Example of Agreement Letter and 501c3

2. The president or treasurer of the sponsoring group must present this signed agreement to the Hunter Office of Student Activities Room (C001 North) for review and conformance with CUNY Bylaw Section 16.2.
3. The president or treasurer of the sponsoring group must meet with Ms. Latysha Mckenzie (C001 North) to complete a Financial Reconciliation Form (Refer to step 2 in “Fundraising Procedures for Student Clubs”). The accounting for this event will be handled like all other student events regarding the reservation procedure and financial reconciliation.

It should be noted that the business office will not release any funds to an outside organization unless the aforementioned procedure has been followed.