Replace an Officer

  • All clubs must hold elections to replace officers (use any of the approved online platforms that is on the Clubs Registration Instruction page).
  • Email with attached documentation of new election meeting minutes
  • Have the replacing officer(s) read and take the orientation/quiz
  • Hand in 1 new original signature profile form (SPF) to Student Activities at and cc: Latysha at (Must be typed) Scroll down on “registration instruction” page for SPF
  • The replacing officer(s) must go to the CA website, read the CA handbook and take the CA Workshop Quiz.
  • The replacing officer(s) must complete SPARC. (ECertificates are no longer being issued. Officers may screenshot end of progress after modules and email to SPARC FAQ
  • If an officer is being replaced, all clubs must present proof of resignation or impeachment if the officer you are replacing was not informed they are no longer eligible to hold office.

Please note that elected officers are expected to serve for a full academic year unless they become ineligible, resign or are impeached.