Starting A Club

Applying to Become a New Club

Hunter College student governments charter over 100 clubs each year. There is probably one, or several, for you. If not, apply to start a new club to break new ground and create a lasting legacy.

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Important Points to Remember When Applying:

  • The governing bodies are highly selective when chartering new clubs. They are reluctant to charter clubs whose mission is similar in nature to an existing club. If you choose to apply to charter a new club please make sure that you have a clear mission and you demonstrate how this club will benefit the students of Hunter College.
  • The Office of Student Activities will not register sports clubs, military or semi-military clubs, clubs that violate policies, guidelines, rules and laws, or any club whose activities pose a significant risk to students. Hunter College prohibits all student groups/clubs from traveling internationally.
  • Club Name Policy – When referring to your club, organization or publication in advertisements and official documents, please use your official club name and refrain from preceding your club name with “Hunter” or “Hunter College.”Incorrect: Hunter Accounting Club / Correct: Accounting Society of Hunter
    Incorrect: Hunter College Accounting Club / Correct: Accounting Society of Hunter College

New Club Petition

All new clubs must obtain at least 25 signatures for the petition to charter.

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New Club Registration Instructions

The petition must be attached to the Student Club Registration Form on the registration instruction page.

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Club Registration

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development is responsible for registering over 100 student clubs, organizations and publications each year. All student groups must register before they are chartered by their governing body. All new clubs must apply and be accepted by the governing body before registration.

In accordance with CUNY Board of Trustee Bylaws: Article XV “any group of students may form an organization, association, club or chapter…*”

To establish charter, a student group must have a minimum of 10 currently registered students, including an executive board (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer).

All officers must meet minimum requirements:

  • G.P.A. – 2.0 (Undergraduate) 3.0 (Graduate) G.P.A. must be earned at Hunter College.
  • Credits – 6.0 (Undergraduate) 3.0 (Graduate)
  • Complete Sexual Assault and Alcohol training
  • Club membership and club events are open to all currently registered students.

All meetings must be publicized in advance and opened to the public. This includes committee and subcommittee meetings. Meeting minutes and votes must be recorded and maintained. All organization events must be operated by the student organization and be for the benefit of currently enrolled students.