Commencement Ceremony

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Info for Faculty

Faculty Arrival Time and Entrance

Register to participate in Commencement Ceremony and to receive additional details regarding arrival time and entrance information.


Entry Requirements

In addition to registering to participate, a valid Hunter College ID is required for entry for all participating faculty.

Special Recognition

At Commencement, President Raab will give special recognition to several students for outstanding achievement in their courses of study or other activities. Faculty who wish to honor excellence among our graduation candidates by nominating students for this recognition may do so by completing the Special Recognition Nomination Form.

Academic Regalia (Caps, Gowns, Tassel, Hoods, and Cords)

Academic regalia – caps, gowns, tassels and hoods – must be worn by all faculty participating in the ceremony. Orders will be accepted online through the Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore website. Online orders may be picked up at the Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore storefront (located at 939 Lexington). Learn more about Academic Regalia