Add money to your OneCard

You can add money to your OneCard by using the OneCard website or the Accounts Management Center (OneCard Kiosk). You can use a credit card (minimum addition $20), or the AMCs will also accept cash.

Account Management Centers are located:

The 68th Street Campus:

  • 3rd Floor North Building (Near the Mail Room)
  • 10th Floor North Building (Near the computer labs)
  • 2nd floor Thomas Hunter Hall (Near the Elevators)
  • 1st Floor West Building
  • 3rd Floor West Building
  • 3rd floor East Building (Near the Café)
  • 3rd Floor East Building (Inside the library near the scanners)
  • 4th floor East Building (inside the Library)

The Silbeman School of Social Work:

  • 1st Floor inside the library

The Brookdale Campus:

  • 1st floor West Lobby
  • 2nd floor (outside the Library)