OneCard is a Hunter College ID card that is used to enter the college, pay for printing and copying, dining, purchasing items at Shakespeare & Co Bookstore, and paying library fees. You can add money onto your card and check your account balance through the OneCard website or at any of the Account Management Centers (OneCard Kiosk) around campus.

How to use your OneCard

Use the OneCard login

OneCard has two accounts: Student Dining Account and Flex Account

Student Dining Account

Used only in Hunter cafeterias located on the 68th Street Campus (West Building, 3rd Floor, West Building Lobby, and East Building 3rd Floor) and Brookdale Campus.

  • To sign up for a tax-free dining account (available for students only), log in at the OneCard website with your NetID and password, go to “Dining Plan” and follow the instructions.
  • Students can also benefit from the Dining Dollar Platinum Club. Receive $10 when you deposit $100 to your dining account; $25 when you deposit $200; and $100 when you deposit $500.

Flex Account

Printing, Copying, Hunter College Cafeteria, Hunter College Starbucks in the West Lobby of the Main Campus, Shakespeare and Co Bookstore, and the Brookdale Laundry machines can be used with the Flex Account.

Printing and Copying

Undergraduate and Graduate students receive $15.00 for printing college wide in any Printing and Copying areas every beginning of the semester. For more information, call the OneCard Office at 212-650-3191.

Printing and copying prices apply to all Undergraduate, Graduate, Degree, Non-degree, IELI, and Continuing Education students, as well as Alumni, Faculty, and Staff.

For the prices and locations of copying and printing, please visit the library website.

OneCard Printers and Copiers can be found in:

The PCS Labs:

  • 10th floor North Building Labs (D,F,G)
  • Seek Labs E923
  • Thomas Hunter Building rm 405

The Hunter College Library:

  • B1 to 4th floor East Building Library
  • Copiers are on 1st , 2nd and 4th Floors
  • Printers are in the computer labs on 3rd and 4th Floors

The Silberman School of Social Work:

  • C- Levels computer Labs
  • 1st floor Library
  • Brookdale Campus: Game Room
  • Library on the 2nd Floor
  • Lab HE105


If you live in Brookdale dormitory, you can also use your OneCard for the laundry machines.

Mail and Packages

With your OneCard, you can also bring in mail and packages to Hunter North 3rd floor just like a US postal office (no Fedex shipments). You will be charged a fee.

Transaction History

To view your transaction history, you may log in to the OneCard website. After logging in, click on the ‘My Accounts’ tab and select ‘Transaction History’.