Hunter Core Requirement

We created the Hunter Core Requirement (HCR) to enhance your intellectual development and propel you toward your success goals as a liberal arts college graduate. HCR is divided into the following four categories. You will need to complete all four to graduate, regardless of your major.

Hunter Focus

By emphasizing foreign language and a concentrated study, Hunter Focus helps you achieve the well-rounded education for which Hunter is known. This is a requirement for graduation, so make sure you’re planning to take all 12 Hunter Focus credits.

Hunter Focus requires all students to take 4 courses of non-English language study. If you are already proficient in a non-English language and haven’t declared a minor, second major or certificate program, you must choose a Concentrated Study, which should be discussed with your advisor.

Non-English language (4 courses)

You will need to complete 12 credits (fourth semester proficiency) of foreign language study, in addition to CUNY Common Core requirements.

Concentrated Study

Concentrated Study is a requirement that encourages study outside of your declared major. If you have completed your foreign language proficiency (the equivalent of 4 semesters), you can begin taking classes toward your Concentrated Study, which will become your minor, second major or certificate. Please check with your advisor on how to pursue your Concentrated Study.


Depending of if you meet the following exceptions, you may have different requirements:

Have you already fulfilled your World Cultures requirement?

That’s great news! Now you can apply all 12 language credits to the Hunter Focus.

Are you a student in the School of Nursing?

You may fulfill your entire 12 credits of Hunter Focus by taking 3 “STEM variant” science courses (in addition to the STEM courses used to fulfill CUNY Common Core).

Transfer Students

What if you’re a CUNY transfer?

You must still complete the Hunter Focus requirements.

How many Hunter Focus (HF) credits will you need?
  • If you are transferring less than 30 credits, you will need 12 HF credits.
  • If you are transferring more than 30 credits without an AA/AS* degree, you will need 9 HF credits.
  • If you are transferring with an AA/AS degree, you will need 6 HF credits.
What if you’re a transfer student matriculating into a baccalaureate program?

You must complete 12 HF credits.

Have you attended a CUNY senior college?

You can apply any completed “College Option” credits from your prior CUNY senior college toward your HF requirements.

If you have already fulfilled the foreign language requirement, whether here or at your previous school, congratulations! You can now apply Hunter Focus courses towards a minor, second major, or certificate program. Please meet with your advisor to discuss your path toward Concentrated Study.